Raised in the cleanest water in the world, our salmon is a pure superfood

Geo Salmo intends to be a leader in developing the land-based salmon farming industry to future success for the benefit of the world

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the Project

Building a 20.000 tonne hybrid flow-through land-based farm in South-Iceland with on-site smolt and processing, allowing for roe to finished product within the same facility.

Land-based salmon farming in Iceland

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    Will enable the company to be at cutting edge of technology in the industry

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    Will ensure that its operations are optimized towards the highest quality of product and lowest possible environmental footprint

The location

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    The Land - based Salmon farm will be built  in the municipality of Ölfus, near Reykjavík, Iceland

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    The location is rich in sustainable natural resources, including freshwater and seawater that are naturally filtered by volcanic rock

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    This will enable the facility to maintain strict control of water conditions, strongly contributing to unmatched product quality and fish welfare

Renewable energy

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    The farm will use 100% renewable energy for its operations while making sure to minimize its energy usage

Waste recycling

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    Every bit of waste from the facility will be considered as an opportunity to recycle

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    Waste freshwater from smolt production will be used to grow plants in a greenhouse,

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    Sludge and effluent will be used to produce recycled biofuels

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    Excess heat and flow will be recovered where possible within the farm

Product innovations

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    The company will also focus on developing high-value products out of what would normally be considered as waste in collaboration with innovative partners

Industry leaders

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    Geo Salmo intends to be a leader in developing the onshore salmon farming industry to future success for the benefit of the world


GeoSalmo will ensure a best of both worlds environment for our fish

The smolts will be raised in a state-of-the-art RAS facility

The smolts will grow out in a hybrid flow-through system where fresh seawater is supplied from boreholes on the facility site. The seawater is naturally filtered through lava rock and as such does not need to be treated before using it to grow out fish

This enables the fish to grow in optimal conditions with minimal handling and no necessity to use undesirable chemicals in the process

This technology is a proven method in fish farming, it limits biological risk, and ensures full control over the farming process

Our ideals

Clean energy

Geo Salmo strives to be a leading force when it comes to clean energy

Circular economy

Our mission is to create a circular economy at our fish farming station, which would include wastewater usage, effluent treatment and re-use, heat and flow re-use

Fish welfare

These procedures are a key factor in our ideals regarding environmental control and fish welfare, which will be at the forefront of our operations

Sustainability profile

GeoSalmo has defined a set of measurable targets to ensure a robust and demonstrable sustainability profile. It will report on these in annual sustain-ability reports


GeoSalmo is inspired by the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Global Compact’s call to the private sector for corporate responsibility, transparency, and working toward becoming a part of the solution

Zero Hunger

Sustainably produced salmon has the potential to become a leading global protein source by optimizing the use of natural resources.

UN Sustainable goal

Good Health & Well Being

Healthy and nutritious protein source rich in vitamins and minerals. Fatty fish is recommended as a regular component of a balanced diet by many leading authorities.

UN Sustainable goal

Decent Work and Economic Growth

High value, high-tech export industry for Iceland. Employment in small communities.

UN Sustainable goal

Responsible Consumption and Production

High-quality closed system production in clean conditions utilizing as few resources as possible and leaving as little as possible behind. Circular economy and utilization of waste for further value creation.

UN Sustainable goal

Climate Action

Farmed salmon is the lowest carbon animal protein available and a responsible value chain gives further opportunity to reduce this impact (i.e. feed production, transport, re-use of CO2 in ancillary production, etc)

UN Sustainable goal

Life below water

Land-based farming replaces sea-pen farming which has a significant impact on the marine environment. Effluent from the station will be filtered and the ingredients reused. Feed will be sourced from sustainable sources, replacing overfished forage fish.

UN Sustainable goal

An investment opportunity in a sustainable Natural land-based salmon farm supplying the fast-growing global seafood demand

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It is projected that aquaculture will account for 62% of global fish production in 2030


Supply of farmed Atlantic salmon is projected to be at 6m+ tons by 2040 with land-based  fish farming accounting for 27% of total supply, an increase from 3% in 2020


Ambitions for zero-carbon footprint and sustainable operations are at the heart of Geo Salmo’s design process with clear ESG goals


The business will deliver over NOK 1.5 billion in annual revenue at over 40% EBITDA margin once steady state operations are reached

Our team

GeoSalmo’s leadership team is both experienced and dedicated to fostering a dynamic change-driven culture

Jens Thordarson
Karl Kari Masson
Hreidar Hreidarsson
Head of Aquaculture
Bjarki Mar Johannson
Head of Business Development
Eva Dogg Johannesdottir
Head of Quality and Sustainability
Gardar Sigthorsson
Head of Smolt
Ragnar Ingi Danner
RAS & Greenhouse
Eythor Helgason
Lead Engineer
Laufey Kristín Skúladóttir
Head of Project Management
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